Studio Tour

The center piece of the studio (or, should we say “centre piece”?) of our Wes Lachot-designed studio is a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Super Analogue console. The AWS DAW control, combined with some fun analog outboard gear makes for a very flexible hybrid tracking and mixing environment.

SSL AWS 948 Analog Console and DAW Control Surface

The control room’s reflection-free sweet spot combined with the clarity of the ATC SCM-100 powered monitors delivers an amazingly clear and accurate representation of your recording without the need to listen on multiple playback systems.

SSL AWS 948 console & ATC SCM-100 monitors

In addition to tons of plugins and 16 UAD-2 DSPs for in-the-box processing, we have some fun analog outboard gear for tracking and mixing. See the Equipment page for full details.

Control Room Credenza

The 300 sq. ft. tracking room houses our drum set (DW Collector’s Edition), various guitar and bass amplifiers, microphones and more.

Tracking Room

Our roomy 8′ x 12′ vocal booth gives you lots of breathing room and your choice of colored lighting for inspiration.

vocal booth
Vocal Booth