Getting Wired

Next up we are running cabling throughout the studio for all of the microphone, console, and outboard connections.

Going Underground

In order to gain some much needed ceiling height in the studio, we dug out the basement floor and dropped it about 8”.  This gave us an opportunity to bury some 4” conduit to conceal wiring runs from the console to the credenza and the back of the control room.

Tie Me Up

Additional wiring was run in the walls to strategically placed MTL (mic tie line) panels in the tracking room, vocal booth, sound lock and control room.

Thom and Roger from Canova Audio are building custom cables and labeling everything to make managing the complex connections in the studio a breeze.


Our custom patch bay is integrated with the console with a custom surround by Brett Acoustics.

Speak Up

Lastly, the main monitors, ATC SCM 100s have been installed at the front of the control room, ready to be wired up.


Stay tuned for more updates as we round the final corner and install outboard gear…

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