Floors & Doors

This week, we’ll look at the installation of our soundproof doors from IAC Acoustics and the walnut flooring.

A key element of the sound isolation in the studio is sealing the door openings between the various rooms.  As we know, sound travels easily through air and our solidly built walls wouldn’t be worth their weight in tissue paper with air gaps between them.

Our IAC Acoustics Noise Lock doors provide just the sound isolation we are looking for:

These doors have a magnetic seal to keep them shut tight and a “cam lift hinge” that raises the door when you open it and lowers it when closed to form a tight seal on the bottom (pretty clever if you ask me):


Last in this week’s quick update are the floors.  We’ve chosen a walnut vibe for our built-in acoustic treatments, cabinets and the flooring.  It’s making the space feel nice and warm and inviting, albeit a bit dusty.  We even covered the access panels for our subterranean cable runs with the same flooring to conceal it.


Next week will be the start of a two-part update on the acoustic treatments.  Part one will cover the concealed treatments and part two will go over the visible in-room treatments.  Stay tuned!

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